Aquarius Bruja


2.10.1989 I came to this Earth.

I have many recollections, dreams, have time traveled and then woke up in my bed. How does one know s/he is magick?? Everyone is magick, for we come from the stars. We are made from the sun and loved and birthed by the moon.




hechicera, bruja
Manipulate your energy in a way that will benefit you and then you will be able to help others on their journey.
My individuality was not accepted as a child, growing up, so I hid. I kept a lot inside and laughed hysterically on the outside. I was in danger of losing myself, I almost did. Deep within I did not understand my pain, at the time. People suffering and dieing all over the world made me extremely sad. It was hard going about life and feeling I had no one I could relate to.
I began looking into witchcraft, spells, synchronization and then everything began to make sense. I was alone but did not feel alone anymore.
Pay attention to your passions, your energy…everything you’re searching for is already within. Take that risk and love yourself genuinely and boldly. Go forth.

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