What comes to mind when ‘fasting’ comes up? Has this topic ever seemed worthy to check out?

(v.) abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance.

Everything I am sharing is from experience. I never did any deep research on fasting, it’s just something I began practicing as part of my way of making my relationship with God more intimate.

Fasting is not an easy practice, but I highly recommend it to anybody dealing with depression, feeling lost within, or wanting to change for the better. Your (gut) has everything to do with well-being. Remember, “You are what you eat.” Our (gut) needs to rest sometimes, overworking with everything we feed ourselves and digesting all of that food and beverage.

Fasting gives our insides the rest it needs and gives us the chance of self-reflection. Start out slow. Too much in the beginning can be detrimental to health. I recommend, not eating any solids from the time of sunrise until lunch time. During that time, make sure you have a quiet space, have showered or bathed, DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY RUNNING OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY OF THE LIKE (THIS INCLUDES SEX), although breathing and low intensive yoga exercises are best while fasting. I will ad that masturbation is an exception, only if you’ve learned to master directing your sexual energy in areas of the body that may be blocked. When you begin to fast more, make sure to increase the hours as well. For example, begin from sunrise (around 5-6 AM) and instead of until the afternoon, or lunchtime, go until the evening, or dinner time. As your practices become more advanced, you will begin to fast at days at a time. For example, I fasted for 3 days and nights, consecutively. Also, I recommend journaling EVERYTHING during this time. Only drink water, tea sweetened with honey or real fruit juice. Write and/or speak everything that may be cluttering your mind and heart. Say a prayer or mantra or positive self-affirmations throughout this time of fasting, meditation.

Practice fasting once a week for a month, then move on to 2-3 days every week, and then, as long as you are committed, diligent and consistent, fast up to 5-6 days at a time, once a month. Within 3-5 months, fasting and its benefits should be changing you from within. You will definitely begin to notice a change your first day/week. At the end of you fast, do not overeat. Eat mindfully, eat a balanced meal, do not be afraid of homemade treats, i.e(slice of pie, cake, a cookie or 2 or 3). Notice, “homemade”, store bought is okay too, but homemade is always made with simple, real ingredients, with love.

Fasting allows one to be aware, mindful of what’s going on in his/her own body. Listen to your body and respect it. You will be tempted to not pull through, but complete your fast each and every time. It will only benefit you.

Again, this journey is not easy but beneficial for health, mind, body, soul.

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