The Hanged Man


10.12.2017 VII.

Funny, how “The Hanged Man”, 12th of the Major Arcana, just decided to pop in my head today. The occurrences of its presence throughout my day are now very obvious, once I sat and meditated on why this thought popped in my mind.

Major changes are occurring and I AM excited and looking forward to what is to come.

The Hanged Man deals with GROWTH. Meditate on this archetype to help break old habits, patterns and behavior that hinders growth. VII (12) has to do with careful planning, orderly growth and spiritual development.

The planet in accordance with “The Hanged Man” is Neptune.

Neptune deals with self-sacrifice and idealism.

As some already have learned, building a brand is so much work, work I enjoy, nonetheless it’s work because it’s not just a hobby. I AM passionate about how I am building MY TABLE.